These 'Getting Starting' tutorials will showcase the process for configuring Rclone with Storj DCS. We will cover only some of the basic features in this guide.

To make the most of Rclone, look at the complete Rclone command reference.

These guides are experimental. The main functionality appears to work, but there are expected to be undiscovered issues (including issues around connection timeouts). Please report any issues you may run into on this forum thread.

You will need one of the following:

Selecting an Integration Pattern


Use our native integration pattern to take advantage of client-side encryption as well as to achieve the best possible download performance. Uploads will be erasure-coded Design Decision - End-to-end Encryption, thus a 1GB upload will result in 2.68GB of data being uploaded to storage nodes across the network.

Use this pattern for

  • The strongest security

  • The best download speed

Hosted Gateway

Use our S3 compatible Hosted Gateway integration pattern to increase upload performance and reduce the load on your systems and network. Uploads will be encrypted and erasure-coded Design Decision - Server-side Encryption, thus, a 1GB upload will result in only 1GB of data being uploaded to the Hosted Gateway.

Use this pattern for

  • Reduced upload time

  • Reduction in network load

By selecting this integration pattern, you are opting in to server-side encryption.

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