Arq is a backup software that allows you to use your own cloud storage account on a Mac or Windows-based system. You can use Arq with **Storj ** S3-compatible storage.

Main site: Arqbackup - you can download and follow the instructions to install Arq here.

Configure Arq to use Storj DCS

Your Storj Account

  1. To begin, you need to create a Storj account. Navigate to to sign up, or log in if you already have an account.

  2. Click on “Buckets” in the Storj DCS console and create a bucket for your Arq backups.

  3. Click on “Access” in the Storj DCS console and click "access

  4. Give it a name, select All permissions, and click Encrypt My Access.

  5. Enter the encryption passphrase and click either on the Copy to clipboard link or Download .txt to copy or download your encryption phrase.

  6. Confirm that you copied your Encryption Phrase to a safe place and click the Create my Access link.

  7. Leave the resulting web page open in your browser while you configure Arq.

New Users should be presented with the option to Create a backup plan. Existing users may need to create a backup plan from a menu.

Pick New Backup Plan from Arq’s File menu. Click Add Storage Location, choose Storj, and click Continue:

Copy and paste the Access Key and Secret Key values from your web browser into the Storj Access Key ID and Storj Secret Access Key fields in Arq and click Continue:

Check Use existing bucket, choose your bucket, and click Continue:

Click Continue to use the storage location you just added:

Choose an encryption password for Arq to encrypt your data before transmitting it (this password will never leave your computer):

Files are stored encrypted within the Storj network. Using Arq's encryption would add a second layer of encryption. Users may want to uncheck Encrypt with password when given the option. This is optional.

Choose which files you’d like to back up, and click Create Backup Plan:

To change the schedule, the files being backed up, and many other options, click on your backup plan on the left and click “Edit…”.

Congratulations, you have successfully configured Arq to back up your data to Storj DCS!