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setup #

Usage #

./uplink.exe setup [flags]
uplink setup [flags]
uplink setup [flags]

Flags #

--auth-service stringIf generating backwards-compatible S3 Gateway credentials, use this auth service (default

Global flags #

--config-dir stringDirectory that stores the configuration
--help, -hhelp for setup
--advancedwhen used with -h, prints advanced flags help

Example #

1. Start the CLI wizard.

uplink setup
uplink setup

2. Enter the numeric choice or satellite address corresponding to the satellite you’ve created your account on (ie - enter the number 1, 2, or 3).

Select your satellite:
Enter number or satellite address as "<nodeid>@<address>:<port>"

3. Choose an access name, by default this should be left blank, so hit ’enter'

If you would like to choose your own access name, please be sure to only use lowercase letters. Including any uppercase letters will result in your access name not getting recognized when creating buckets.
Choose an access name ["default"]:

4. Enter the Access grant you generated:

Enter your Access Grant: 1Dv41bZAnPGpR...

5. Create and confirm an encryption passphrase. This is used to encrypt your files on your machine before they are uploaded to the network:

Enter your encryption passphrase:
Please note that Storj does not know or store your encryption passphrase, so if you lose it, you will not be able to recover your files.

6. Your Uplink is configured and ready to use!