Product Overview

Storj DCS is an encrypted, secure, and affordable object storage service that enables you to store, back up, and archive large amounts of data to the decentralized cloud.

To learn how files are uploaded to tardigrade see how it works.

How Decentralized Cloud Object Storage Works

When you upload your data to the Storj network, your data is encrypted, erasure-coded, and spread across a network of statistically uncorrelated peers (Storage Nodes).

Basic Tools for Tardigrade's Decentralized Cloud Object Storage

The ways you can interact with Tardigrade Decentralized Cloud Object Storage include:

  • Satellite Dashboard - The Satellite Dashboard allows you to manage projects and access for your data.

  • Uplink CLI: The command-line interface allows you to upload and download files from the network, manage permissions and sharing.

  • Gateway: A service that provides a compatibility layer between other object storage services such as Amazon S3.

  • Client Libraries: The Tardigrade client libraries allow you to manage your data using your preferred language, including Go, Python, Swift, Android, Xamarin (.NET/C#), and Node.

Use cases for Tardigrade's Decentralized Cloud Object Storage