Web Application Integration

A web application leverages storage on the Tardigrade network to securely upload and share large files.
Architectural Overview for a Web Application

Common Use Cases: Large file transfer applications, general object storage.

Key Implementation Details: Used when Tardigrade is the data store for a browser-based web app. Unlike S3 compatible data stores exposing cloud-hosted S3 API endpoints located in data centers, Tardigrade leverages the Libuplink library letting browsers connect to web app servers and a Satellite or nodes storing files pieces to be rendered/transferred.

Libuplink was designed to upload/download data to/from multiple nodes in parallel. This bittorrent-style method provides a significant performance boost.

This architecture has additional requirements like addressing native browser security functions against XSS/CSRF, which can be triggered if the browser attempts to incorporate requests from multiple domains. The network will also need a CA and trusted certs at the Satellite and nodes in order to avoid issues where the browser blocks requests. R&D is ongoing.