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Storage Node
Installing a Storage Node with the Windows Installer
2) Extract the MSI from the zip and double click it. The installation window will open.
Initial Storage Node Windows Installer screen
3) Accept the terms of our end-user license agreement.
EULA agreement screen
4) Select the folder you would like the Storage Node software to be installed in.
Installation folder screen
5) Select the folder your Identity is stored in. When you generate your Storage Node Identity, the identity tool will show you what folder it was saved in. Please see the Identity section if you have not created one yet.
Identity folder selection screen
6) Enter your ERC-20 compatible wallet address where you want to receive your STORJ token payouts.
Operator information - Ethereum wallet screen
7) Enter your email address to receive alerts about software updates and new features.
Operator information - email address screen
8) Enter your external IP address and port (<ip>:<port>). You can find more information about how to configure this in our Port Forwarding section.
Connection information external address screen
9) Select where you would like the network data to be stored on your machine.
The network-attached storage location could work, but it is neither supported nor recommended!
Moving an existing node on a CLI Setup to a Windows GUI Setup? Follow these instructions.
Storage folder selection screen
10) Select how much storage space you would allocate to the network. We require a minimum of 500 GB plus 10% overhead to be allocated.
Storage allocation selection screen
11) Click the install button to install your Storage Node with what you configured in the previous steps.
Start Install screen
12) Wait for a few moments while the Storage Node is being installed on your machine.
Installing screen
13) Click the Finish button to exit the installer. Congrats, your Storage Node is now live!
Install finish screen
Note: The Storage node and auto updater are installed as a Windows service. If you want to stop or restart the storage node you have to open the windows service page to do so.
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