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Software Updates

Software Updates #

Automatic Updates #

You can set up automatic updates for your storagenode Docker container using watchtower. Watchtower will look for new updates to the Docker container on Docker Hub in a random interval between 12 and 72 hours and automatically update your storage node when it sees a new version.

First, please pull the latest watchtower image from docker:

docker pull storjlabs/watchtower

To set up auto-update for storagenode, please run the following command once:

docker run -d --restart=always --name watchtower -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock storjlabs/watchtower storagenode watchtower --stop-timeout 300s

If you want to double check that watchtower is properly running, you can run the following command

docker ps -a

You should see the “storjlabs/watchtower:latest” container with the uptime under the “status” column

Manual Updates #

Please use manual updates only if the automatic update method was unsuccessful, or is unavailable for your node configuration.

1. Stop the running Storage Node container:

docker stop -t 300 storagenode

2. Remove the existing container:

docker rm storagenode

3. Pull the latest image from docker:

docker pull storjlabs/storagenode:latest

4. Start your storage node again by running the following command after editing WALLET, EMAIL, ADDRESS, STORAGE, <identity-dir>, and <storage-dir>: Running the Storage Node

Previous versions of thedocker run storagenodecommand that used the -v rather than the --mount option will not work properly. Copy the updated command below.