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FAQ’s #

How is the online score calculated? Where can I check for a new version? How do I check my node when I'm away from my machine? What if my machine restarts or shuts down? How do I shutdown my node for system maintenance? What other commands can I run? How do I check my logs? How do I redirect my logs to a file? How do I check my L2 zkSync payouts? How does held back amount work? Where can I find the config.yaml? How do I change values like wallet address or storage capacity? How do I setup static mount via /etc/fstab for Linux? How do I estimate my potential earnings for a given amount of space and bandwidth? Why am I not storing more data? Why is the network not using all of my storage and bandwidth? Why are my payouts so low? How do I estimate my payouts per Satellite? How do I migrate my node to a new device? How to migrate the Windows GUI node from one physical location to another? What if I'm using a remote connection? How to remote access the web dashboard What if I'm using the CLI Install on Windows / MacOS? How to add an additional drive?

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