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Node Operator

Introduction #

Storj Open Source Project

👋 New to Storj? #

Have unused hard drive capacity and bandwidth? #

Storj pays you for your unused hard drive capacity and bandwidth in STORJ tokens! Get started with Hosting a Node.

Want to store data on the decentralized object storage network? #

Learn about Storj DCS, the enterprise, production-ready version of the Storj network, complete with guaranteed SLAs.

📨 Received an Authorization Token? #

Authorization Token

❓ Need Help? #

For questions, please join our forum .

💻 Want to Contribute? #

All of our code for Storj is completely open source. Have a code change you think would make Storj better? Please send a pull request along! Make sure to sign our Contributor License Agreement (CLA) first. See our license section for more details.