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Readme first

Read this before getting started.

This readme dashboard contains guides and tutorials made by users, for users. Almost every guide assumes the person reading it is new to Storj and to many principles like networking. For this reason, every section is explained in as much detail as possible.
For those familiar with principles like networking, large portions of each guide can be covered briefly or skipped.

As of 2018, Storj Labs initiated the development of a new iteration (v3) of the storage network to address scalability and increase decentralization. This version is the third major iteration to date since the start of development in 2014. The first release of v3 is expected in Q3-Q4 of 2018. Up-to-date development can be followed here.

During this development phase, we are suspending registrations to the Storj service so that we can serve existing customers without crippling the infrastructure.
This implies that for those that don't already have a Storj account, it will be necessary to wait until registrations are opened again when the new network goes live.

Sign-up to the waitlist is already possible here.