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Product Overview

Product Overview #

Storj DCS #

For developers who demand ownership of their data and who want to build with confidence, Storj Decentralized Cloud Storage (DCS) is private by design and secure by default—delivering unparalleled data protection and privacy when compared to traditional centralized cloud object storage alternatives.

Storj DCS offers affordable and predictable pricing, S3 compatibility, a robust library of open source technical documentation and familiar development tools - along with a vibrant user community - which enables developers to economically and easily learn and leverage decentralized cloud storage technology to take control of their data when building the next great application or service.

Storj Decentralized Cloud Storage (DCS): The Secure and Private Decentralized Cloud Storage Service For Developers #

Storj DCS is the world’s first open-source, decentralized cloud storage layer that’s private by design and secure by default - enabling developers to build in the best data protection and privacy into their applications as possible. The zero trust architecture, multi-region high availability, default encryption and edge-based access controls minimize risk and give only you, or those you grant permission to, access to your files. The result is that you take back full ownership and control of your data.

How it Works #

When an object is uploaded into Storj DCS, it is default encrypted, split up into 80 or more pieces and distributed across thousands of diverse nodes and ISPs in nearly 100 countries. There is no single point of failure or centralized location meaning outages, downtime, bitrot, ransomware and data breaches are virtually impossible. If a node goes offline for any reason, your file can be reconstituted from just 29 of its distributed pieces. And, in addition to user-assigned access grants to ensure privacy, our edge-based security model with delegated authorization provides flexible and ultra-secure capabilities for access management.

Why Choose Storj DCS? #

Developers have a wide range of choices for S3-compatible object storage, but Storj DCS provides a number of key advantages to help developers build more secure and private applications:

Security #

Confidently store your data with files split, distributed, and stored multi-regionally across the globe providing no single point of failure, resistance to hacking, tampering, and bitrot, and an edge-based security model.

Privacy #

Own your data with default encryption and user-assigned access grants so no one can view or compromise your data without permission.

Plug-in S3 Compatibility #

Swap out a few lines of code, and you’ll be up and running in minutes.

Availability #

Download your data anytime you need it with multi-region architecture, no single point of failure, and satellite-automated data orchestration. No downtime, no bitrot, and no lost files.

Durability #

Automate file repair and know that Reed-Solomon erasure coding enables the highest levels of durability for all files uploaded to Storj DCS.

Cost Efficiency #

Get high availability multi-region cloud object storage for a fraction of the price of a single availability zone from centralized providers like AWS. And, get started for free! Create a Storj DCS account and take advantage of a free tier of decentralized cloud object storage that includes three projects with 50 GB each and 50 GB bandwidth each.

Open Source Freedom and Flexibility #

Take advantage of absolute transparency through our open source code. You are not locked-in to our technology or cost structure - giving you the freedom of choice.

Developer Friendly #

Take advantage of familiar development tools and robust technical documentation, tutorials and videos to help get you started and leverage all the benefits of decentralized cloud object storage.

Community Driven #

Share, discuss and collaborate with other open source developers in the Storj DCS community and find answers to questions in our very active forum.

Experience the Benefits of Storj DCS Today #

It’s easy to take advantage of all the privacy and security gains delivered through decentralized cloud storage. Storj DCS is S3 compatible and you start for free!

Basic Tools for Storj Decentralized Cloud Storage #

The ways you can interact with Storj DCS include:

  • Satellite Dashboard - The Satellite Dashboard allows you to manage projects and access for your data.
  • Uplink CLI: The command-line interface allows you to upload and download files from the network, manage permissions and sharing.
  • Gateway: A service that provides a compatibility layer between other object storage services such as Amazon S3.
  • Client Libraries: The Storj DCS client libraries allow you to manage your data using your preferred language, including Go, Android, Xamarin (.NET/C#), and C. More language bindings coming soon!

Use cases for Storj DCS #

Common Use Cases