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Create and host Chainstate Snapshots

Create and host Chainstate Snapshots #

Create Storj account #

After creating an account on Storj DCS, you’ll need to setup the uplink cli.

The uplink cli is a tool similar to aws cli that allows creation of buckets and uploading/downloading snapshots directly from the 15,000+ storage nodes. We also have an aws s3 compatible api as an alternative.

Linux AMD64

curl -L -o
unzip -o
sudo install uplink /usr/local/bin/uplink

For different uplink binaries see Download Uplink CLI

Uplink requires an access grant in order to access Storj DCS. You’ll need to use the Storj web console to create one.

Click “Create Access Grant” in the Storj web console.

Creating an access token in the Storj web console

Click “Continue in CLI” after giving your access grant a name

Keep the credential window open until you have completed the uplink setup command below

Run uplink setup to start the credentials prompt

uplink setup

Enter a name for the credential (default is “main”)

Copy your “API Key” from the web console to the uplink cli “Enter API key or Access grant” prompt

Copy your “Satellite Address” from the web console to the uplink cli “Satellite address” prompt

Enter a passphrase to complete the setup

Remember your Passphrase you will need it for future access of the data
$ uplink setup
Enter name to import as [default: main]: 
Enter API key or Access grant: <access grant>
Satellite address: <satellite address>

Create bucket #

Create a bucket called snapshots

uplink mb sj://snapshots

Upload snapshots #

Compress small files/directories to a single compressed file (e.g use tar).

tar cf snapshot.tar /path/to/snapshot 

Use uplink cp to upload your snapshot to Storj DCS. Scale parallelism to at most 2x your thread count (16 threads = 32 parallelism)

uplink cp --parallelism 8 snapshot.tar sj://snapshots/snapshot.tar 

Create download access grant #

For node operators in your community, you’ll need to generate another access grant with limited permissions.

Create another access grant with the following limitations

  1. Check only ‘Download’ (leave others deselected)
  2. Select snapshots as the bucket from the dropdown

Select “Continue in Browser”

Copy the access grant in file. You’ll use it later in the template below.

When populating the template, only use the access grant that is limited to downloads. Do not use the access grant that was used to upload snapshots.
We recommend not publicly publishing access grants.

Adapt the Download blockchain snapshots template, changing <your_access_grant> fields to the Download-only access grant.

The commands from the template can be published to your communities.