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My Account

My Account #

Introduction #

The My Account will allow you to read documentation about the Satellite, change your Account Settings or Logout from the Satellite Admin Console.

If you click the (i) icon on the right of the Satellite short name, you will be redirected to the Key Architectural Construct Satellite.

Account Settings #

The Account Settings page allows you to Edit Profile, Change Password or enable/disable Two-Factor Authentication.

Edit Profile #

Modify your Full Name and click the Update button to confirm and save your changes.

If you selected a Professional Account during creation, you will have much more fields to edit. They can be used in Invoice forms in the future.

Change Password #

Provide an Old Password, your New Password and Confirm Password. Select Update to change and save the New Password.

Two-Factor Authentication #

After enabling of Two-Factor Authentication you will be asked for the one-time code from your favorite TOTP during the login next time.