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Manage Projects

Manage Projects #

When you log into the Satellite Admin Console, you start on the Project Dashboard for your default Project. A Project is the basic unit for aggregating usage, calculating billing, invoicing fees, collecting payment, and handling access management. Users can create multiple Projects and projects are invoiced separately. Within a Project, usage is tracked at the Bucket level and aggregated for invoicing to the Project. Project names are not client-side encrypted so that they may be rendered in the Satellite user interface. There are two main drivers for creating multiple Projects: access management and billing.

Learn more about Projects in Key Architecture Constructs under Concepts.

To select, create or Manage Projects you can click the name of your project on the left side toolbar above Dashboard.

In the Manage Project screen you can create or rename or modify your limits (if you use a Pro account).

Create a new Project #

On Projects screen to create a new Project select the Create Project. On Project Dashboard you can click the name of the current project and select Create Project.

The availability of this function depends on your account tier. Please check Usage Limits for details.

Specify the Project Name, optional Description and confirm the creating with the Create Project button.

Modify the existing Project #

To modify the existing Project on the Projects screen you can select a needed project and modify its name or description.

Changing Project Limits #

If your account tier allows you to change your Limits, you will have more options than a Free tier.

Select Edit to the right of the limit to change it. However, it will not allow to increase limits greater than your available maximum. To change the maximum you need to file a support request to change your limits.

Delete the existing Project #

At the moment the Satellite Admin Console will not allow you to delete a Project.

But you can delete all buckets and Access Grants from it and rename it to something like “not used”. The empty project costs nothing.

If you believe that you need to remove it anyway, then please remove all data and Access Grants from it before file a support request.

We do not have an access to your data and Access Grants, because they are encrypted, and cannot remove your data on your behalf. So, please, remove them yourself before file a support request. We will ask you to do so anyway.