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Dashboard #

When you log into the Satellite Admin Console, you start on the Project Dashboard for your default Project. A Project is the basic unit for aggregating usage, calculating billing, invoicing fees, collecting payment, and handling access management. Users can create multiple Projects and projects are invoiced separately. Within a Project, usage is tracked at the Bucket level and aggregated for invoicing to the Project. Project names are not client-side encrypted so that they may be rendered in the Satellite user interface. There are two main drivers for creating multiple Projects: access management and billing.

Learn more about Projects in Key Architecture Constructs under Concepts.

On the Project Dashboard, there are a number of navigational elements and information displays:

  1. Projects management - This element allows you to add Projects and switch between different Projects. There you also have a Manage Projects setting.

  2. Project Navigation - This element allows you to move between the different functions related to the project you have selected, to view the Dashboard, use the Objects to interact with data stored on Storj DCS through a web browser interface, create Access for native integrations and credentials for the hosted S3-compatible gateway, invite other developers to collaborate with you on your Project in Users, see Billing, check Resources and Quick Start, and manage your Account in My Account.

  3. Storage Utilization - This element displays the amount of storage utilized in the current month, measured in GB hours.

  4. Bandwidth Utilization - This element element displays the amount of download bandwidth utilized in the current month measured in GB.

  5. Project Details - This element displays the current billed amount in USD, number of objects and number of segments used in the current month and the estimated charge for the current month.

  6. Bucket Information - This element displays the names of your Buckets, the current month´s usage for the Buckets and the number of objects in the Buckets.

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Next, we’ll learn about creating/deleting buckets, uploading, downloading, viewing the object map, and sharing access to objects through the Object Browser in the Satellite Admin Console.