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Create Access Grant in CLI

Create Access Grant in CLI #

  1. You need to have a satellite account and installed Uplink CLI.
  2. To start, proceed through the initial steps of creating a new Access Grant.
  3. Navigate to Access page and click the Create Keys for CLI link (rightmost option).

4. Provide name, permissions and optionally buckets, select Create Keys.

5. Copy and save the Satellite Address and API Key in a safe place or download them as they will only appear once.

6. Make sure you’ve already downloaded the Uplink CLI and run uplink setup.

./uplink.exe setup
uplink setup
uplink setup
For anyone who has previously configured an Uplink, please use a named access. If you want to replace the default access, you need to either Create an Access Grant and use the uplink access import command with --force flag to import it, or use the uplink access create --import-to <name> command with --force flag to create an Access Grant in CLI and import it to the specified access in the local store of Uplink.

7. Follow the prompts. When asked for your API Key, enter it (you should have saved it in step 4 above).

8. Generate the Access Grant by running uplink share with no restrictions.

If you chose an access name, you’ll need to specify it in the following command as --access=name
./uplink.exe share --readonly=false
uplink share --readonly=false
uplink share --readonly=false
Keep your full-rights Access Grant secret, it contains the encryption key and will enable uploading, downloading or deleting your data from the entire project!

9. Your Access Grant should have been output.

The alternative for using the uplink setup command and then uplink share is to use the uplink access create command instead, it will print the Access Grant right away.