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Quickstart - Object Browser
A web base object browser


The Storj DCS Satellite Admin Console supports uploading and managing objects directly through the browser with no command-line tool required. This component uses our hosted S3-compatible Gateway service.
By using hosted Gateway MT you are opting in to server-side encryption.

Configure Object Browser Access

Navigate to the Objects page within your project and then click on Continue.
Don't forget to save your Encryption Passphrase generated below, you will need it for future access.
If this is your first time using the object browser, you must create an encryption passphrase. We strongly encourage you to use a mnemonic phrase. The GUI automatically generates one on the client-side for you. Alternatively, you can enter your own.
Enter the Encryption Passphrase you just created or used previously. If you enter a new Encryption Passphrase, you will not be able to see files previously uploaded as they would have been encrypted with a separate passphrase.
If you have not yet created a bucket a module window will pop up, enter a lowercase alphanumeric name. Buckets are your containers that store objects.
After creating your first bucket, you will be placed into the bucket where you can make folders and/or upload files. To upload your first object, drag it into the browser or select upload file and browse to the object you wish to upload.
When you drag and drop your file into the Satellite Admin Console Object Browser, the Storj DCS S3-compatible Gateway will encrypt the data using server-side encryption, break large files into 64MB Segments (or for smaller files a single segment), then erasure code the segments, breaking each segment into 80 pieces, then distributing those pieces over our network of thousands of independently operated storage nodes.

Share a file

After the upload completes you will have the option of creating a share link. If you wish, select Generate Share Link to share your object.
Copy your newly generated share link.
The share link includes a rendering of where the pieces of your file are located on the globally distributed network of storage nodes, as well as a preview of that file.
This concludes the Object Browser Quickstart.
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