Storj DCS
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Free Tier
Storj DCS currently offers a free level of access for developers to try out the service.
Storj DCS currently offers a free level of service to new accounts. When a customer creates a new account, the user automatically is able to use the Storj DCS service at no cost up to specified limits of service. The free level of service is limited to the level of service per project, for 3 projects, described below:
    50GB per month of static object storage for each project (150GB per month total). Static object storage is calculated in “terabyte months,” which is a prorated calculation of how much storage is used throughout the month, broken down by hour. Storing 50GB of data for 30 days, 100GB of data for 15 days, or 150GB of data for 10 days, would each be the equivalent of 50GB per month of free storage.
    50GB of download bandwidth per month for each project (150GB per month total).
Usage for Static Object Storage and Download Bandwidth is calculated in the same way for the free tier as the paid tier. A credit against billing will be applied each month for the free tier usage for as long as the free tier is offered. Accounts using the free tier of service are subject to Project Limits.
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