access #

Usage #

./uplink.exe access [command]
uplink access [command]
uplink access [command]

Child commands #

[`create`]( an access from a setup token. uplink setup is an alias for this.
[`export`]( an access to a file
[`import`]( an existing access. uplink import is an alias for this.
[`inspect`]( allows you to expand a serialized access into its constituent parts
[`list`]( name and associated satellite of all available accesses
[`register`]( an access grant for use with a hosted S3 compatible gateway and linksharing
[`remove`]( an access from local store
[`restrict`]( an access
[`revoke`]( an access
[`use`]( default access to use

Flags #

--help, -hhelp for access