Closing an Account

Closing an account on a Storj DCS Satellite

We want all of our users to receive value when they choose the Storj DCS Platform for their storage needs, but it’s possible that a user may no longer need Storj DCS services. If a user wants to stop using an account and permanently delete the account, the user may do so only after following the steps outlined below to eliminate platform usage.

The process to eliminate platform usage starts with deleting all data from the platform, including all objects and buckets. Next, all Access Grants should be deleted. Once this is done, the user should submit a ticket to remove all payment methods and delete the account. The ticket should specify that:

  1. State that all data has been deleted (Buckets, Objects)

  2. State that all Access grants have been deleted

  3. Identify the

    1. Satellite

    2. Project Name

    3. User Account Email

    4. Payment Method(s)

  4. Confirm that the outstanding balance is $0.00

  5. State that the account should be deleted

Once the ticket is received and the information has been verified, the payment method(s) will be removed before the end of the next billing cycle. Once all payment methods are removed from the account, the account will be deleted per the request. Note: The user will be required to verify the request via the registered email address on the account.